Grand Masters One Day Class

Good evening brothers,
I wanted to give a brief recap of the Grand Masters One Day Class at Camp Masonry this past weekend.  We had three brothers from Fulton Lodge attending to receive their Master Mason, along with their mentors.  We also had a few brothers assisting with the Entered Apprentice Degree, put on by the Fifth District.  The Eleventh District put on the FC and MM portions, with the second part of the MM being done after dark.  If you have never had the opportunity to witness the degrees portrayed outdoors, it is something to witness.  The MM degree under starlight is really something special to watch.  
A few of us also had an opportunity to sit in on some guest lectures from speakers including Robert Johnson from the "Whence Came You?" Podcast and Jason Richards from the "Masonic Round-table" Podcast.
We also had a fantastic Table Lodge with almost every Ohio Grand Lodge Officer in attendance.  A highlight was a brother from the Grand Lodge of Georgia who gave us a wonderful poetic read of the Master Mason Charge called On Yonder Book used by the Grand Lodge of Georgia.
It was a wonderful experience all around, and something to keep in mind for next year. 
Best Regards,
Craig Szczublewski
Senior Warden - Fulton 248.