Inspection thoughts and more...

We had a great night of travel to Bryan last night brothers. Five of us wedged into my Honda to drive to Bryan 215 for their annual inspection in FC. This week has a couple of events, in addition to our EA/Stated meeting on Tuesday, next Friday is Napoleon 256's FC inspection, if you are looking to travel. A bunch of us are planning on going early for their Jiggs Dinner (cost $8) at 6pm, with inspection at 7pm. I hope to have your company for that.
Thinking ahead, Liberty Center 518 will inspect in FC on Saturday, March 18 at 9am. I am asking any brother of Fulton to put this on their calendar to attend. Fulton has not been known in recent years as a "traveling lodge", but I think for this inspection we could make an exception and give a good surprise to Bryan and Sycamore who usually dominate the traveling trophy, in a good spirit of fun competition of course ;)
See you all on Tuesday night for a brand new EA brothers!
Craig Szczublewski
WM, Fulton Lodge 248 F & AM