Musings from the Master

Greetings Brothers,
First, thanks to the three brothers who traveled with me to Edon 474 this morning for a fine Master Mason Degree.  I will say that we got to watch brother Jeffrey deliver the Lecture which was brilliantly done by any standards, let alone for his first delivery of that lecture in lodge.  This will be one to watch at our Inspection on February 24.
I see from a social media post that WB Bill attended the table lodge in the eleventh district this morning, and I look forward to hearing his thoughts on the event.  The Grand Master was in attendance to this one as well.
Speaking of the GM, my wife and I attended the New Master's Dinner at Zenobia Shrine last night and were treated to an evening sitting right next to MWB Douglas Kaylor and his lady.  It was a fun evening with great fellowship and food.  I would strongly suggest attending should you find yourself in the East in the future.  The Fabulous 5th was represented by our lodge and the new master of Bryan 215.
A couple of dates to mark on your calendars, I know our Secretary will have some to add also:
Tuesday, December 13 @ 7pm: EA practice time at the Lodge
Tuesday, December 20 @ 7pm: Special Meeting: EA degree
Wednesday, December 21 @ 7pm: Napoleon 256 MM Degree
I look forward to seeing you on the 20 for the EA degree, come out and help us initiate a new brother!
Best Regards
W.B. Craig Szczublewski
Fulton Lodge #248