Fulton Lodge Holds Guided Tour for Pike Delta York 3rd Grade

We were contacted in early September by one of the teachers at PDY Elementary School about having a guided tour of our Lodge Temple Building. Every year in late September, the 3rd grade class takes a walking tour of Delta to look at the history of the village.  We were told that every year they stop by the cornerstone of the Masonic Temple to point out the date and describe it as one of the oldest buildings in the village, but they have never had a chance to tour it. After seeing an article on one of the local news websites about the Temple receiving a place on the National Register of Historic Buildings, they reached out about conducting two guided tours of about twenty 3rd grade students and chaperones. We of course seized the opportunity to show off this amazing building and its history to the community. A big thank you to the brothers who spent their Thursday morning with us.  We were able to have several stations set up for education and questions relating the construction of the building after the fire of 1892, the many events the building had held over the years, a bit of history on who the Freemasons are and what we stand for, and of course, the architectural features. We hope to turn this into an annual event, and we received much thanks and praise for taking the time to open our doors and share our rich history with the community.